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Jay’s Towing FL LLC offers fast, reliable, and affordable flat tire repair services in Orlando FL. We are proficient in all the services relating to tire maintenance, including puncture diagnosis, tire balancing, tire pressure, or tire repair. If you need a flat tire service at home or when you are stranded on the road, then you can contact us. We can provide the best mobile tire service in such situations to our customers in Orlando FL. We will send a team as soon as we receive a call from you. Our experts are proficient in repairing all tire brands in Orlando FL, South Orange, and Central Florida. The quicker you get in touch with our service providers at Jay’s Towing FL LLC, the quicker you will be back on the road.

Here is the procedure that
our service providers follow to repair flat tires

Puncture diagnosis

To ensure the impeccable quality of service, our flat tire repair professionals in Orlando FL offer, before any intervention, a puncture diagnosis. Tire repair is not always possible. This prior check helps the tire service provider to determine the type of troubleshooting to take. Our experienced professional will check if the inner casing of your punctured tire is damaged. If it is, then it would be completely irreparable. Our experts analyze the tire diligently before suggesting a solution because at times, replacing the tire is the right solution.

Repairing a flat tire

With all the skills required in the field, our mobile tire repair specialist is perfectly capable of repairing tires with wicks. No tire is immune to a puncture due to the external aggressions that it undergoes. However, it is not always necessary to change a tire. If the puncture is only located on the tread, the vehicle has not been immobilized for a long time with the tire flat or the internal structure is not damaged, it is possible to ask the repairman to repair. Tire repair with wicks is done in stages. In this, the mobile tire repair expert diagnoses the flat tire and remove the nail or the sharp object. Then, the expert inserts a special glue coating on the punctured area to seal it. With that, you will be back on the road to go anywhere in Orlando FL.

Checking tire pressure

Our mobile tire repair experts also check the air pressure in tires. Once the correct tire pressure is found your vehicle will have a better grip guaranteed for the safety of the vehicle occupants. In the event of under-inflation, the risks are loss of grip, less effective braking, or a reduction in the longevity of the tire, while over-inflation leads to an increase in fuel consumption or bursting of the tire. Once the tire pressure is checked, you can hit the road to continue your journey.

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For fast and reliable mobile flat tire repair service, contact Jay’s Towing FL LLC, and get your tire repaired in the most amazing way. Our mobile tire service can repair all tire brands and sizes in Orlando FL, South Orange, and surrounding areas. You can also contact us for a mobile tire repair service in Central Florida and surrounding areas, as we offer service in all major cities of Florida.

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