Car Towing in Orlando

What to Do if Your Car Is Towed in Orlando?

Just like every city, Orlando too has its own laws when it comes to towing, which are governed by the laws of Orange County. If your car is towed by a company that you haven’t requested is called ‘trespass tow’, and it has certain rules and regulations.

Towing Scenarios:
If you have parked your car somewhere, then came back and saw that your car is being towed, then you have the option to prevent your car from being impounded by paying a drop fee at the spot. This fee is usually 50% or less than the amount, it would take to tow it to the company’s storage lot, but still it is a big amount. The tow driver must give you at least 15 minutes to make payment. Once you have paid the money, then you must ensure that you get a receipt for the sum paid.

If your car is already gone

If you have parked your car at a public place and gone to complete your task, and then, came back to your car only to find a blank space where you have left the car, then you should find the towing sign that shows you the name and number of the towing company who towed your car. Usually, towing companies notify the sheriff’s department within 30 minutes of parking the car at their storage facility, so if you don’t see a sign, then you need to call the sheriff’s office.
When you have the number of a towing company, call them and ask the following questions:

  • Where is my car?
  • How much fee do I need to pay and how will the future fee accrue?
  • What payment modes are acceptable?
  • What documents should I bring to claim my vehicle?

You need to get in touch with a towing company and let them know that you are going to retrieve your car in an hour because that’s how much you will have to wait. You need to complete this process as quickly as possible because the storage charges will accrue each day and many storage facilities open for limited hours.

Your Rights

Many individuals don’t realize that they aren’t supposed to pay the full fee to retrieve their car. They just need to ask the towing company for a written bill in which all the details related to the charges are mentioned. Along with that, they need to bring that bill along with two additional copies to the Orange County courthouse for posting a bond.
You will be given a clerk’s certificate. When you show this to the towing company, they are legally required to release your vehicle immediately. In case, you find violations of county codes like no paid spotters monitoring parking lots or no signs displayed, then you may get some or all of your towing fees refunded.


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