Wrecker Service

Wrecker Service in Orlando by Jay’s Towing FL LLC

Jay’s Towing FL LLC is the most preferred choice when it comes to towing and wrecking service in Florida. We have a team of towing experts who quickly respond to the requests of customers stranded on the road with a broken vehicle. Our large fleet of tow trucks allows us to deliver quick and reliable assistance in any scenario. We offer a highly responsive wrecker service in Florida.

Wrecker service is different from towing, and so, it must be carried out using special vehicles. A wrecker vehicle is one of the most frequently-driven styles of hauling machines by experts due to its ability to suit broken down vehicles. We have the most reliable wrecker service, which can efficiently haul away a totaled vehicle from an accident, especially when there is no hope of being salvageable. Not just that, but our wrecking service is also being called upon when our customers want to sell their junk cars as scrap.

Are all towing trucks can be used for ‘wrecking’?

Towing companies use different types of towing trucks, with each being used for a specific purpose. For example, a heavy-duty tow truck is used to tow large diesel trucks whereas a winch-style tow truck is used to tow cars and other personal vehicles that are stranded on the road or caught up in a ditch. Now comes the wrecker vehicles, which are used for severe accidents.
The best thing about our wrecker vehicles is that they are not confined to the amount of damage a vehicle has. No matter how severely damaged a vehicle is, our wrecker experts will be able to help you in the most effective manner. If you are in need of a wrecker service to tow your car, which is blocking the road and causing all sorts of trouble to you.

Our state-of-the-art fleet of trucks and equipment allows us to deliver the best wrecker service in Orlando and parts of Central Florida. If you are in an urgent need of a wrecker service, then call Jay’s Towing FL LLC.

Most Reliable Towing Assistance Guaranteed!

When it comes to emergency towing, recovery, and other roadside assistance, our company understands your needs in the most appropriate manner. We always remain on our toes to be able to respond to the requests of our customers. Our technicians remain on standby at multiple locations in Florida so that they can arrive at the location where you are stuck within minutes of your call. Besides emergency towing, we offer long-distance towing, something that not too many towing companies provide. In our long distance towing, we are ready to go the distance to help our customers and that too at a highly competitive price. If you need a light-duty towing, even then you can call us, as we have flatbed tow trucks to accomplish it.


Jay’s Towing FL LLC offers a wide range of services in the Orlando area and regions of Central Florida. Call us now and we’ll try to help you fast!